Considered as the Father of the nation Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi was a man of his words. He was a firm believer and follower of his principles of harmony, peace, non- violence, equality, humility and truth. These were the values followed by Indians that played a pivotal role in India's freedom struggle.

Initiated by  the  Aditya Birla Group, the ’Eternal Gandhi' Project is the brainchild of Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla. Under the aegis of Mrs. Rajaslime Birla - Director and Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla - Chairman, the project is headed by Mr. Bharat Paiehb, President - Eternal Gandhi & Special Projects. This project is an accolade to Mahatma Gandhi, the legend who led India to independence.

The sole purpose of this project  is  not to earcn profit  but to reawaken the teachings of a great man who through his simple yet powerful methods was instrumental in bringing about a change in the fate of our nation, The main concept of this project is to regenerate awareness regarding Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology and to revive his message and values not only within India but also around the world. At present this is carried on through the ways of a Multimedia Museum and selling souvenirs inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.

Inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2005, the Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum in New Delhi is a technological marvel in itself. Located at Gandhi Smriti, fomerly known as Birla House where Mahatma Clandhi was assassinated, it is the world’s first digital multimedia museum. It depicts the events of Gandhiji's life which takes one back in time to the era of Mahatma Gandhi and helps viewers understand the values and principles with the help of which India won independence.

The Aditya Birla Group through the Eternal Gandhi project has opted for unconventional routes to connect with the youth by choosing multimedia and souvenirs over books, an option that the gencmtion today finds far more interesting. The success and popularity of these innovative strategies can be observed in the fact that the museum witnesses audience strength of around 40,000 visitors from all over the world each month, a number that far exceeds the mere 1000 visitor to meet Gandhiji himself back then. The Aditya Birla Group has even arranged for a mobile version of the museum to travel the world and enlighten people universally about the importance of the principles of non- violence and truth.

The main essence Gandhi project lies in the simplicity and elegance of its souvenirs. The basci idea was to create mementos that can  use  on a  daily  basis.  There are
custom-designed items  like puzzle cubes, crystal souvenirs, wrist watches, statues of the iconic “three monkeys”, mugs, pens, magnets, notepad, calendars, ceramic statues, paperweights, key chains and so no. All the Gandhi collectibles are designed by Mr. Bharat Parekh himself. On each of these items is a special message forn the writings and speeches of' Gandhiji himself.
The messages printed on these products reflect the ideologies and values followed by Gandhiji and are truly inspiring. The kind of inspiration required in today’s world at a time where corruption, dishonesty, inequality, racism and fraud is at its peak. They help in implementing a feeling of peace, harmony and equality through the simple message of truth and non-violence. These souvenirs make for excellent gifts for Individuals, Corporate Companies, Foreign Counsulates and travellers irrespective of their gender, caste, colour, religion, nationality, etc...

Also, the souvenirs of Eternal Gandhi are based on the ’Ahimsa' principle. Like the leather used in wallets, cover of the notepads, passport covers, visiting card holder and travelling case all come from the skin of animals that have died a natural death and were not harmed for their skin. Thus there is a limited availability of these leather pmducts, around 800 to 1000 in a year.
The souvenirs sold under Eternal Gandhi project are thus authentic and of the highest quality at affordable prices. The main aim is to change the mindset of the youth and remind them of the values that currently are just a part of history so that the wortd can once again be a better place. These life changing values are not only limited to Indians but for everyone around the world. For this purpose the project is slowly and steadily expanding internationally to reach to those beyond borders.

In order to create larger awareness about this project, an official website for the sale of these souvenirs i.e. has been launched on Gandhi Jayanti this year. The website is updated practically every day to the extent that those items that are out of stock are taken off the product list of the site and reappear only when there is availability. Thus, making it possible for people to own these priceless souvenirs directly from their home as per their convenience.

Besides the option of ordering souvenirs from the website online at one can buy it from the exclusive Eternal Gandhi stores at the departure terminals of the Mumbai lnternational Airport, Delhi International Airport and Ahmedabad Domestic Airport. The advantage about these shops being located at the airport is travellers can conveniently buy these duty-free products as souvenirs from India for friends and family abroad. Apart ftom India almost every country has standard souvenirs that represent their country. These Gandhi souvenirs are an ideal candidate as India’s symbolic souvenirs as he is in many ways responsible for India enjoying its 66th years of independence. One look at these mementos and it will be hard to miss its connection with India.

These mementos are also up for sale in souvenir shops at tourist attraction places like Aga Khan Palace in Pune, Mani Bhavan, Sabarinati Ashiam in Ahmedabad, Gandhi Smriti in New Delhi and Rajghat in New Delhi. Besides these there are plans to soon open retail outlets in Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi (Domestic Airport) and 3 - 4 outlets in Mumbai itself by March to  make it more accessible to people on a wider scale.
These souvenirs and collectiblcs are ideal for Corporate gifting during festivals, seminars, conferences, reward programmes, felicitations and also for personal gifting. The  company  also  caters to customizations, the level of which varies with each product. Special discounts on bulk orders are provided to corporates, thus making Eternal Gandhi a cost friendly option for corporate gifting.