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A)  Do I need an account?
- You do not need to register or log in to order here. However if you chose to create an account we will save your address details to make it quicker for your next order.Also, if you register with us, we will be able to update you on new products and offers. Your personal contact details are not shared with any third parties.
B) About Shipping
i) How much is delivery cost? 
- Shipping costs are a maximum of 10% of your total order cost with the minimum cost being Rs.50. Small price for delivering the material safely to your doorstep. You will see the shipping charge update as you add more items so you can see exactly how much you are spending. (Shipping charges are calculated depending on the items in your cart.)
- For instance, if you buy products worth Rs. 5000 - your shipping costs will be approx. Rs. 500.

ii) How soon do I get my product delivered?
- We ship within 4 days of receiving payment. In most cases your product gets delivered within 3-4 business days since the date of shipment. In several cases this could even be earlier depending upon destination. Please note that we ship only through Blue Dart or Indian Post.

iii) In case of International shipping who pays for the custom duties and taxes if any applicable?
- In case of International Shipping, the customer pays the custom duties and taxes as we have no control over this.

iv) If I have to return in case I receive wrong, damaged or defective product do I have to pay for shipment charges? Do I have to pay shipping charge for the replacement product?
- The shipment charges paid by you for returning the wrong, damaged or defective product will be credited back to your account to the extent of the original shipping charges paid by us. Shipping charges for the replacement are our responsibility.

v) How do I know the status of my delivery?
- Immediately upon handing over the parcel to the shipping company for delivery, we generate the tracking number which is emailed to you. Based on this tracking number you are easily able to track your shipment at any point in time.Add to your e-mail safe list, so that our messages are not delivered as spam.

vi) How can I check my order status?
- You can view your orders by logging onto E-mail order-specific questions to and we'll help you out the best we can.
C) Do your prices include TAX? 
- All retail prices include taxes where applicable. The price you see is the price you pay.

D) About Return Policy
i) I received a faulty product. What now?
- Surprising! Each and every piece shipped is double checked for quality. Nonetheless, if there has been an incident of the product being damaged due to shipping, we will help you out. Send us an email at and we will replace it. However, please notify the shipping company immediately on receiving the product, so we have enough time to sort it with the shipping company and send you a replacement immediately.

 ii) What if I am not completely satisfied with my purchase upon its actual delivery?
- It is very unlikely that you will not like your purchase as we sell only the best quality products. However, as a policy, we do not exchange the product unless damaged in transit.

 E) I ordered one piece, but I want three. How can I change my order quantity?
- If you'd like to change your order quantity for a product, email us at and provide your order number. We will update your order manually and send you a confirmation.

F) How can I cancel an order?
- Unlikely! Orders once placed cannot be cancelled.

G) How do I edit my billing and shipping information?
- On your "My Account" page, click on the "My Profile" tab, followed by the "Shipping & Billing" button. You can add and remove shipping addresses there.

H) Is this website secure? What about faulty credit card hacks?
- Security is of extreme essence to us. Our website is SSL certified, and we have very secure transaction gateway from authorized payment gateway merchants. Your information is secure with us.

I) About Gifting
i) I am gifting my multiple friends at different addresses? How can I do it?
- This is very simple to do. You can choose upto 3 different names and addresses during your checkout process. Thereafter just click in relevant box signifying delivery to a particular person at a particular address.
ii) Can I ask for a special Gift wrapping?
- Yes you can ask for a gift wrapping at an extra cost of INR 50.00 per package. This includes an attractive gift card with your name and a brief message to personalise your gift to your beloved person.
iii) I would want to place a bulk inquiry for corporate gifting. Can you help? 
- Sure, we regularly do bulk / corporate orders. We can even help you customize your gifts from a select range of our products. Drop us an email on and we will make sure your’s will be a gift to remember.


J) About Leather Products
i) You are promoting Ahimsa, then how come you sell leather products ?
- The leather used in making this product is not obtained by harming any animal for the sole purpose of leather extraction. The leather is obtained from the animals which die a natural or accidental death.

ii) How do I care for my leather products ?
- Leather is a natural material, it is never uniform. Small surface imperfections, ticks, dots, create a unique beauty that can never be duplicated. No two pieces of leather are identical –if they are, it is most likely that they are not leather. Water and salt are leather’s two biggest enemies. The first step is to wipe of wet leather. This single step will add longevity to your leather article. Remove any dirt, mud or other stains before it dries. Remove salt deposits by sponging clean water, then allow wet or damp leather to dry naturally. Stains from oil grease can be lifted by grinding blackboard chalk, sprinkle the area and leaving the powder for twenty four hours. Do not rub the powder in. After this, use leather care brush to remove the powder. Perfume, hair spray and natural body oils are few things that can discolour or damage leather. To remove the mildew, wipe the mildew area with a cloth dipped in diluted alcohol, then allow it to dry.